A review of the Public Records Act

Review of Public Records Act, 1993 & Rules, 1997 June 2009

The Public Records Act was supposed to ensure that Indian citizens eventually had access to the proceedings and files of government.  The Act is crucial to the writing of Indian history, and to all who have an interest in questions of access to political information. Though it was intended to ensure that Ministries deposit their files, once closed, in the National Archives of India, Delhi, in reality documents are usually censored prior to being sent to the Archives. Some Ministries do not send their files to the archive at all. Read civil servant, Naved Masood’s critique of this process and the working of the Act, posted earlier to this blog.

A committee set up by government reviewed the Act, and this note was circulated to members of the public by the Government of India.

See Shahid Amin’s response, also posted on this blog


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