Contributions to a researcher’s archive

As researchers you may have collected material that you’ve already consulted for research and are ready to let go of, or which is simply superfluous. Recently completed books and PhDs in particular leave interesting debris in the form of maps, scanned, photographed or photocopied material. If this could be of use to others in the field, this material could be scanned and uploaded as a collection on this blog. We cannot carry copyrighted published texts, but are flexible with regard to fragments of texts that are older, archival texts, etc. These collections are intended for groups of researchers who have an interest in a similar area. We request you to add notes and tags to the material you send us.

We will acknowledge you as the contributor of a particular collection. All material will be available to users under fair use guidelines.

Archive and Access was begun as a complement to and discussion point linked to the project public The project is currently hosted by Azim Premji University which is not liable for this blog. The contents of this blog are independent of the University.


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