Being Procrustes: editing and censorship during the Emergency


Please follow the following link to access a couple of additions to the Emergency archive. These new ones (numbers 14 and 15) contain snippets from Satyavani (a contemporary newspaper) and a governmental statement on the (mis)use of mass media(1977). These texts were contributed by Maya Dodd, Director of the Centre for South Asia at the Foundation for Liberal and Management Education, Pune. Maya Dodd’s PhD, ‘Archives of Democracy: Technologies of Witness in Literatures on Indian Democracy Since 1975′, among other things, dwelt on the literature produced during the Emergency of 1975 in India. Dodd revealed that the literature produced during the Emergency was easier to locate in University libraries in India that had systematically built up their collections in the 70s and 80s, than in the libraries of Delhi. In fact, texts that were sometimes unavailable in India could be traced in the library collections at the University of Chicago. All of these, she said, were stamped with the sign, PL480, Public Law 480, that allowed for the import of wheat from the US by India to be tied to the program for the acquisition of South Asian materials for American libraries. An international financial trade-off of the 1950s periodically unearths treasures for Indian scholars in the US. Read more on this issue at the link provided above…


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