Memoirs of Information Work

Avinash Jha



The linked article was written by Avinash Jha, who has been working on Information and Documentation first at CED Mumbai, and is currently the Librarian at CSDS Delhi.

His article, written after the fashion of a memoir, traces the changes in the patterns of information circulation and regulation in a cybernetic era, changing the very definition of a librarian.

This paper was presented at the International Colloquium on Information, Society, Politics, History titled ‘Sensor-Census-Censor: Investigating Regimes of Information, Registering Changes of State’ at Sarai-CSDS, New Delhi, India, 30 Nov-1 Dec, 2006.

A link to the paper is also mentioned at the following forum: <;

The following are the directions to CED Mumbai and Bangalore respectively.

CED Mumbai

CED Bangalore


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