National Archives of India no less!

Thanks to the indomitable Maya Dodd, I found that the NAI actually has a searchable index of some files online – here’s a promising start:

A search actually threw up these entries:
Goa Military Means adopted for the protection of the British inhabitants of Goa during the insurrection. Foreign INTERNAL 1895 12 PART B Progs., Nos. 393-410, December 1895 Digitize on Demand (0)
Demand of the Goa authoities for the surrender of Igancio de Loyola and four others concerned in the Goa Riots. Foreign INTERNAL 1891 4 PART A Progs., Nos. 126-132, April 1891 Digitize on Demand (0)
remittances by Goanese nationals from India to Portuguese India, and number of persons entering India from Goa and leaving India for Goa each year. External Affairs EUROPE – I 1949 0 Progs., Nos. 19(132)-Eur-I, 1949(B) Digitize on Demand (0)
Assistance to Mr. Mascarenhas arrested in Goa, for publication of some articles on Goa. External Affairs EUROPE – I 1949 0 Progs., Nos. 19(122)-Eur-I, 1949 Digitize on Demand (0)
e CUSTOMS DUTIES 1932 0 Progs. No. 67 -CUS-I, 1932 Digitize on Demand (0)

And: Stared (sic) Question in the Indian Parliament to be asked by Lala Raj Kanwar regarding the transfer of records of Historical and political interest kept in the custody of the Punjab Govt. prior to Partition


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