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This blog invites historians to present their perspectives and knowledge of archives and libraries as a practice that could be useful to future users. This initiative was intended to address two objectives: to map historical collections in the region (the focus by default is on South Asia and India) with information about their contents and use. The site www.publicarchives.org designed by SeeChange carries a directory page that lists archives and libraries in four regions of the country. Contributors can post information by filling in a form on the page.


A catalogue of Konkani publications

A digital archive of Indian Christian manuscripts and other texts on colonial Goa – Leonard Fernandes/Ananya Chakravarti

Archives in Goa – Interview by Frederick Noronha with Ines G. Županov


Various archives of interest – Gujarat – Samira Sheikh

Archives in Gujarat – Ned Bertz

The Baroda Record Room – Nandini Bhattacharya


The Mural at Paliakara – Jonathan Varghese

Karthikapally: Art and Faith – Jonathan Varghese

Angamaly: Finding one’s wayJonathan Varghese


The Karnataka State Archives – Janaki Nair


Rajasthan State Archives, Bikaner – Tanuja Kothiyal

South Africa

Archives in South Africa: an overview – Isabel Hofmeyr

Archives and the state

India’s National Library goes digital – C. M. Naim

Readers will find an interview with Ines G. Županov about the state of archives in Goa, as well as posts by Shahid Amin and Partha Chatterjee on the question of citizen rights. Texts from the Indian Emergency of 1975 indicate that the blog can be used to archive collections relating to recent political history, such as the letters that belonged to George Lobo, a labour officer, and participant in the organisations working for the liberation of Goa.

(This blog was designed by SeeChange with assistance from Mahiti via Sunil Abraham and Nishant Shah of CIS. It was initiated and maintained by Aparna Balachandran and Rochelle Pinto and collaborates with the Scottish Centre for Global History at the University of Dundee)