History of Goa

Posts and sources for the history of Goa

A number of letters and notices from this Liberation period are available at https://cultural.maharashtra.gov.in/english/gazetteer/VOL-VIII-PART-II/GOA_II_PAGE_1_49.pdf

Disputes between different political organizations involved in the liberation movement are visible through these reports. See in particular the strife between Peter Alvares and the Congress, as well as dissenting positions within the Congress. There is also a report claiming that the feared agent of the secret police, PIDE, Casimiro Monteiro had desecrated a temple in Goa.


Do also see the thesis by Anita Raut Desai, ‘Voices in the liberation struggle the case of goa 1947-61’ which researches the involvement of women in the movement and has a chapter on the Voice of Freedom.